About Cambridge

Chilton Saint James School is delighted to offer the Cambridge International Assessment Examinations – CIAE.

Why Cambridge?

For Years 11 to 13, Chilton Saint James School made the decision to offer a well-rounded, challenging curriculum. Students are taught by specialist teachers and have the opportunity to choose their own subject areas.

The CIAE curriculum sets a global standard for education and is recognised by universities and employers worldwide. The curriculum is flexible, challenging, inspiring, culturally sensitive and international in approach. Cambridge students develop an informed curiosity and a lasting passion for learning. Participants also gain the essential skills they need for success at tertiary level and in their future careers.

Cambridge works!!

It has:

  • A clear and challenging curriculum
  • Students are marked on set marking rubrics that make sense and are easy to follow
  • Students get rewarded for their efforts and an A* 90 and over is valued
  • There is an extensive amount of resource material on the Cambridge site for students and teachers
  • Students can select their individual programme. There is great flexibility
  • Students do not spend the year with constant pressure from Internal Assessment
  • All students work hard until the end of the year
  • All students can achieve with commitment and hard work
  • There are two examinations sessions per year – May and November. So students can join anytime

It is a qualification that is

  • Respected
  • Of academic value
  • Accessible to all through hard work
  • Recognised internationally

How does Cambridge work?

Firstly, it is helpful to know the following.

  • IGCSE — Stands for International General Certificate of Secondary Education – usually examined in Year 11 but students have the opportunity to sit Core Mathematics and Combined Science in Year 10.
  • AS – stands for Advanced Subsidiary — usually sat in Year 12 and Year 13.
  • A Level – stands for A Level and is sometimes called A2 — usually sat in Year 13.

IGCSE prepares students for their AS/A Level journey. Any student who has completed subjects at IGCSE level will be well-prepared.

Chilton prepares Year 12 and 13 students for tertiary study by offering a choice of subjects at AS and A Level. Students may tailor their choices around their career prospects, as Cambridge allows for a greater degree of flexibility than some other curriculums.

In order for a student to gain entry to tertiary study in the Cambridge system, students must complete the following:

  • All students must gain Numeracy. In Cambridge, this means a Grade D in either Core or Extended IGCSE Mathematics. Students at Chilton have the option to sit Core Mathematics in Year 10 or Year 11.
  • All students must gain Literacy. In Cambridge, this means a Grade E in AS English – there are two courses. One is English Literature and the other is English Language. Students do IGCSE English Literature in Year 11 and this course prepares them for both Language and Literature at AS level. This allows students to make a sensible choice for Year 12. Also, if students enjoy English, they can select both AS English Literature and AS Language in Year 12.


In order to gain entry to tertiary study, a student must also have gained a minimum of a Grade D in three AS subjects and also have received 120 points or more. You cannot gain 120 points in two subjects only. These points are calculated as follows:

A 60 B 50 C 40 D 30 E 20

The results may look like this:

AS English Literature Grade D 30 Points
AS Psychology Grade B 50 Points
AS Drama Grade A 60 Points
Total 140 Points


Many students gain this by the end of Year. Students going into courses such as Medicine have to gain higher points and these are detailed on the websites of each tertiary provider.

The beauty of Cambridge is that a student can select breadth or depth.

They could have either of the two examples below and so many more variations depending on interest and skill.

Students can take from 0-4 A Levels depending on the Career of their choice. It is extremely flexible and can be tailored to the strengths of the student.There is so much more to tell about CIAE. Please feel free to book a time with the Principal and she will share everything but in the context of your daughter/son. She will show how a programme can be tailored to meet the interests and career aspirations of your daughter/son.


Option 1 – Breadth Year 12 Option 1 – Breadth Year 13 Option 2  – Depth Year 12 Option 2 – Depth  Year 13
AS English Literature AS Language AS Chemistry A Level Chemistry
AS History AS Psychology AS Physics A Level Physics
AS Mathematics AS Biology AS Biology A Level Biology
AS Fine Arts AS Digital Media AS English Language A Level English Language or maybe AS Psychology