Anglican Setting

As an Anglican school, Chilton offers a quality education within a context underpinned by Christian values and beliefs. These Christian values shape the moral compass students learn to use when forming opinions, making decisions and interacting with others.


Above: School Chaplain, Reverend Caro Willis


A central concept at Chilton is learning to respect others without any distinction based on socio-economic status, intelligence, sporting prowess, musical ability, ethnicity or appearance. We seek to instil a sense of personal value in each girl to guide her through an increasing materialistic world. We challenge the media’s use of physical appearance, celebrity and material wealth as arbiters of success and propose that living a meaningful life gives us a better measure. We encourage each girl to believe in her own capacity to achieve and to contribute to the world.Bishop Justin Duckworth, Anglican Bishop of Wellington at his visit to Chilton

A close association with St James’ Church in Lower Hutt has been an integral part of Chilton’s history since our founding in 1918. Former students hold fond memories of outings to church for the annual celebrations for St James’ Day, a key date in the Chilton calendar.

Stories of moral significance from religious readings are skilfully put into a modern-day context.

All students attend religious education classes. The moral values of religions from around the world are discussed and students explore the history, principles and common ethical themes which form the foundation of many religious beliefs.

We aim to nurture hope in small, practical ways. For instance, students take part in sustainability programmes, doing their part in improving the world we live in through clean-up campaigns and tree planting activities. They are also involved in social service activities such as fund raising, care of children and working with disabled people and the elderly.

There is also what we call the ‘hidden curriculum’. This is the message given by actions that are not permitted at Chilton, such as bullying, harassment, rudeness, damage to property, foul language and rudeness. The result is that ‘we teach what we permit’.

Underpinning life at Chilton, there is a strong pastoral care framework that supports students throughout their journey through School.