Our Board of Trustees

Chilton is governed by a Board of Trustees. In its governance role the Board is responsible for the on-going financial viability of the School. It develops and maintains a vision for the School and is responsible for the policies and strategies that will attain that vision.

The Board is responsible for the appointment of the Principal, to whom they delegate the management of the school. Together in partnership, the Board and the Principal are responsible for the leadership of the School.

The Chilton Board is a skills-based Board, not a representative Board. As and when vacancies arise, potential Trustees are nominated who possess the skills and experience required by the Board at that time. Board members are appointed to serve a three year term and may be invited to serve a second three year term. The maximum term of office is normally six years.

The work of the Board is supported by the following sub-committees: Finance, Human Resources and Strategy and Operations.

Our current Board members: