Why Chilton?

As a long-standing provider of private education in New Zealand, we pride ourselves on utilising the best available resources and knowledge to deliver a top quality education to our students.

Being a private school, we control our curriculum and the way we deliver it. Our campus is a creative haven, it is our belief that the best education combines academic with creative expression. Chilton girls are encouraged to dream big, have a sense of adventure and be inspired to achieve their personal best.

Chilton Saint James School is the only private girls’ school in the Hutt Valley and surrounding areas. We have a beautiful campus and enviable space – our campus is our creative haven.

CHIL_G9C4278The spirit and success of Chilton can be seen in the Red Blazer that is worn with so much pride and joy. Pride that makes each student feel special at our School, where there is a sense of team spirit but at the same time every student recognises that they are supported and nurtured along a journey of discovery. Joy in being a Chilton student who will learn that they are at a School with an exceptional reputation of history and success.

A key benefit in attending Chilton is the small class sizes. This ensures the teachers have time to focus on the learning of each student in the class.

Chilton is also an International Baccalaureate World School where we run the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) throughout the primary school from preschool to year 6.

What is more, we operate a vertical timetable in which students from years 10 – 13 have the opportunity to study NCEA subjects on flexible programmes. In practice, a student can take a Level 1 NCEA subject at year 10 and accelerate through to level 3 and NZ Scholarship by year 12. The opportunities then abound for girls to study NZ Scholarship and/or University studies in the subject they are passionate about, while further taking a variety of other subjects to ensure an all-round education for the future.

The flexibility extends to the extensive extra-curricular programme. Diverse options are offered by teachers who are recognised in their own right as professional musicians, performers and sports coaches at the top of their game. The quality of our facilities and the passion of our students continue to motivate these outside professionals to be a part of the School and the results speak for themselves.

Learn more about our NCEA results in comparison to other local Schools and our recent ERO reports.