Chilton Saint James School are pleased to offer a range of scholarships. Applying for a scholarship is a simple online process and we welcome all applications.

To apply for any scholarship (or more than one scholarship) please complete the Scholarship Application Form with attachments as required.

Applicants for a Principal’s Scholarship are required to complete a separate Principal’s Scholarship Application Form.

Applications can be submitted at any time before the closing date of Friday 4 August 2017, at 5.00pm. All applications will be acknowledged.

See the General Scholarship Information and Application Form for more information on scholarships below.

Applications are invited from talented students for entry into 2018:

Chilton Academic Scholarships

  • Year 7 (for current and future Chilton students)
  • Year 8 (for current and future Chilton students)
  • Year 9 (for current and future Chilton students)
  • Years 10 – 13 (for future Chilton students only)

Chilton Sports Scholarships

  • Year 9 (for current and future Chilton students)
  • Year 11 (for current and future Chilton students)

Applicants must be high achievers in their chosen code, committed to sport and show potential for further development.

Chilton Music and Performing Arts Scholarships

  • Year 9 (for current and future Chilton students)
  • Year 11 (for current and future Chilton students)

Applicants must supply a full CV in order to be considered.

Music and Performing Art Scholarship applicants will also be required to prepare two contrasting pieces for a ten-minute live audition and interview.

Principal’s Scholarship

  • Years 1 – 13 (for future Chilton students)

From time to time, a range of special scholarships are offered at the Principal’s discretion.

These scholarships are reviewed every two years and are for students who support Chilton values and would benefit from a Chilton education but who, due to current financial circumstances, would not be able to attend Chilton.

Kerrin Vautier Music Scholarship

The Kerrin Vautier Scholarship is available every two years to provide incentive to a promising Music student going into Year 9 to take advantage of the learning and performance opportunities available at Chilton.

Applications can be received by either a current Chilton or future Year 10 student.

Applications for the next round of the Kerrin Vautier Music Scholarship will be available in mid-2018 for 2019 / 2020.


Suzanne Duncan Scholarships

Suzanne Duncan Scholarships are offered by the Suzanne Duncan Trust Board and available to students from Year 7 onwards who are regular and active members of St James’ Church, Lower Hutt.  Please contact St James’ Church to register interest in applying.


Aspire Scholarships

The Aspire Scholarship has been designed for students from low income families who are starting in Year 9 in 2018. The Aspire Scholarship covers the costs of private secondary schooling and will contribute up to $15,000 per year towards the tuition fees of a private school for the duration of a student’s attendance at this school and include a yearly allowance of up to $1,500 for course related costs. Please visit the Ministry of Education website for more information. Aspire Scholarship Applications and Information

Even though the $15,000 per year contribution from the Government does not cover the full cost of our tuition fees, Chilton Saint James School will cover the outstanding amount of tuition fees as a way of supporting our wider school community.

Applications for 2018 will close on 19 May 2017


Mihingare (Anglican) Secondary School Scholarships (provided by the St Stephen’s and Queen Victoria Schools Trust Board)

The Mihingare (Anglican) Secondary School Scholarships are for Maori secondary school students who demonstrate financial need, leadership qualities/potential and a satisfactory educational background, and who will benefit from additional financial support for their secondary schooling. Each year, a maximum of 30 scholarships worth up to $10,000 each are offered.

Applications for 2018 will open in June / July 2017.

More information is available at