Below are some testimonials provided to Chilton Saint James School over recent years. Testimonials come from former students and parents.

House Music performances had so much energy and joy and involved so many kids. I agree with the adjudicator who said about the disproportionate number of students displaying so much talent for a school your size. I love how much the Arts is valued at Chilton.

Your senior students did an amazing job running things. It is great to see the trust and faith you as a staff have in them, and the opportunities for practical leadership.”  Rachel Main, Year 8 parent

I just wanted to say what an amazing concert you put on tonight. This sort of thing will inspire these girls to either become professional performers or at the very least, have music as a part of their lives. This is why I choose to send my daughter to Chilton.”

Sarah Bradley (past parent)

“Chilton has been very welcoming and we will never forget that. As a parent it is so good to know that our daughter was so well integrated.”
Dr. Marion Weichelt Krupski, Ambassador of Switzerland to New Zealand, Cook Islands, Fiji, Samoa, Tonga and Tuvalu (past parent)

“I still remember my very first day at Chilton. Everything was so different to my previous school in Switzerland, not to mention the different language. The teachers have always been there for me, I will miss Chilton, thank you for everything.”
Janina Krupski (past student)

“I’m sure Chilton is still the amazing place it was since we’ve left, (we) sure do miss it very much! What an awesome school. The values we learnt have gone a long way this year.”
Radhika Ravi (past student, Peer Year 2012)

“[Our girls] have each received a first class education in a caring and supportive environment. […] Not only have they achieved all that we could have hoped academically, but they have received considerable opportunities in the arts generally, particularly music, drama, art and photography, as well as participated in a strong school community with the result that they have each made some splendid, life-long friends.”
Matthew R. Sherwood King (past Chilton parent of three girls)

“We would like to say big thank you to the school that has been helping build the foundation for our daughter to improve academic achievement, focus and social interactions. The impact of the education in your school is so significant and it will help her for the rest of her life.”
Anonymous (past Year 13 parent)

“I would like to take this opportunity to express how wonderful Anne and her team of Preschool teachers and teacher aides are. Jack has been in Odete’s group of children right throughout Preschool and she has been caring and kind and he will miss her dearly.”
Vanessa Wilkinson-Young (current parent)

“It is with great sadness that our family connection with Chilton has come to an end. All our three boys have passed through Preschool. We have been delighted with our experience at Chilton – mainly because of the quality of the teaching staff in the Preschool – they are outstanding.”
Victoria Heine (past Preschool parent)

“Thank you so much for this very positive feedback about Courtney’s work in Materials Technology. We are incredibly proud of her achievements while she has been at Chilton and although she is very humble about this deep down we know she is very proud of herself also. We can hardly believe that Courtney is the same child who told us in Year 7 that she would be leaving School after Year 11! The wonderful support and encouragement that she has received from various teachers, such as yourself, has been a huge part of this change in her.”
Helen & Gary Wagener (past Year 13 parents)

“Maddi has been at this school for nearly one year now, she has received fantastic support and opportunities that previously weren’t available to her.”
Di Taylor (current parent)

2010 graduate and winner of the Chilton Old Girls’ Association Prize for Top Scholar in the Senior School and Cup for Dux, Mindy Hu, wrote to us to reflect the following on her time at Chilton:

“I had not been a Chilton student for a long time, but please allow me to say that I do feel a special pride when I remember myself in a smart red blazer.

Thinking of school life at Chilton brings back many positive memories. What I am most grateful for is the feeling of community, both within the students and the staff. The class of 2010 were such a tight knit community, where everyone did their best for each other’s’ sake. The feeling of being in a team, with our own headquarters (the common room) was really invaluable. My teachers, too, were really wonderful, in their rapport with the students, the extra support that they gave me, and most of all, in the genuine concern they showed for their young charges.

Chilton was an environment which nurtured me, and helped me to grow as a person. When I look back, it is not any personal achievement, but this feeling of belonging to a caring community, which makes me say, without a doubt, that I made the right choice in coming. Indeed, in being a Chilton girl, what I am most proud of is being part of such an encouraging, righteous group of young women. For all that this school has given me; I must express my deepest thanks”.
Mindy Hu (past student)