Chilton Ballet Academy

Audition dates

Auditions for the Chilton Ballet Academy 2018 programme will be held on Sunday 17 September.

For an audition application or to set up an alternative date, please contact Bronwyn Bennett, Chilton Ballet Academy Director:

About the Chilton Ballet Academy

2017 has seen the successful launch of the highly anticipated Chilton Ballet Academy, a programme that has been in the heart and mind of Chilton Dance Centre Director Bronwyn Bennett for many years. With the support and trust of Chilton Saint James Principal Kathy Lloyd-Parker, Bronwyn has been able to create a programme tailored to giving promising and dedicated dancers whose goal is to pursue a career in dance, the best possible platform from which to achieve their potential. The Academy provides a thorough and holistic training programme which prepares students for a career in dance both practically, and through their personal growth.

CBA allows students to maximize the amount of time spent in the dance studio without neglecting their academic studies. The importance of a strong academic background cannot be underestimated as Dance Directors want to work with intelligent and responsive dancers. Students spend half of their school day in a range of dance classes including Classical Ballet Technique, Pointe Technique, Repertoire, Contemporary, Coaching, and Conditioning under the tutorage of a faculty that have a wealth of experience and are extremely dedicated and passionate about helping every student fulfill their potential in every aspect of dance. Students also benefit from the opportunity to work with guest tutors throughout the programme on a range of dance genres designed to both extend and inspire them. The remainder of the school day is spent focusing on academic studies in a classroom environment with teachers dedicated to helping each student strive for success. The Academy students follow the Cambridge School system with subject options including AS English Language, AS Psychology, AS Physical Education, AS History, AS Business Studies, AS Drama and AS Painting or Photography.

Dance Programme

The Chilton Ballet Academy focuses on establishing a strong ballet technique, conditioning and strengthening the body as well as developing the dancer’s musicality and artistic expression in a creative and nurturing environment. The core classes making up the foundation of the Academy programme include:
• Classical Ballet Technique
• Pointe Technique
• Repertoire
• Yoga
• Conditioning
• Coaching
Students also take part in a series of block courses throughout the year in which they experience various dance styles and choreography and work with a high caliber of guest tutors.

Academy students have the opportunity to continue with RAD examinations as well as preparation for competitions and auditions as they are entitled to attend unlimited evening classes at the Chilton Dance Centre which offers an exceptional standard of Vocational and Open Ballet classes, as well as Musical Theatre, Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap, Contemporary and Coaching with a highly experienced, talented and dedicated team of teachers.

CBA provides an environment in which each individual dancer is encouraged and supported to become the strongest version of themselves. While developing their technique, discipline, strength and body awareness, they will also develop their musicality, confidence, presentation and love of the art form, all working towards giving them a strong base from which to pursue a career.


For more information, including uniform, fees, and academic programme, please see our Chilton Ballet Academy brochure below:

Clik to view 2017 Chilton Ballet Academy Brochure (.PDF)


Entry into the Chilton Ballet Academy programme is via an audition and interview process only. If you are interested in receiving more information, please contact Bronwyn Bennett at or on 04 570 4034.