Information Technology

Technology is a priority at Chilton with projectors in all classrooms, interactive whiteboards in every Primary School classroom, school-wide WiFi, and access to eight computer labs for students.

The School has ultrafast broadband allowing students to access School emails, files and resources via the web at School or from home. Years 7, 8 and 9 students routinely use personal IT devices in their classrooms and our Preschool and Primary School students have access to pods of iPads for specific classroom activities. For over 18 months we have been encouraging students to bring their own devices to School and students are using a wide array of these devices from netbooks, MacBooks, iPhones and iPads.

iPads are an integral part of learning for much of the School. Preschool students have access to pods of iPads while Years 5 – 10 students have iPads as part of the School’s bring your own device policy. Teaching staff are also using iPads and the School has an intensive staff professional development programme in place.

Secondary School students have the flexibility to bring a device that best meets their own academic requirements. Increasingly students are also able to access resources from home as cloud computing services are extended.