Parents’ Association

All parents/caregivers of Chilton students are eligible to join the Parents’ Association.

The Parents’ Association is a group of dedicated volunteer parents/caregivers who get together to support the principal, students, Board of Trustees and teaching staff to achieve their goals.

The objectives of the Chilton Parents’ Association are:

  • to assist, promote and support the activities and welfare of all people associated with Chilton Saint James.
  • to promote social activity among parents, teachers, staff and students of the school.
  • to raise and delegate funds to support the principal, students, Board of Trustees and teaching staff.
  • to promote and enhance the interests and reputation of the school.


Do you want to help the school in some way, but don’t know how?

We are always looking for people to help us with various events. You can join the Friends of the Parents Association and receive emails asking for support at certain times. This allows you to offer support when you are able to.

If you are interested in joining the committee or becoming a Friend of the Parents’ Association, please send an email to and we will send you some further information.

If you are interested to know more about the work we do, you can find us on Facebook by typing CSJPA in the search bar.


Current Office Bearers

President – Simon Robertshawe
Vice President – Trevor Stanyon
Secretary – Sarah Cobbum
Treasurer – Murray Ingram


Committee Members

Amanda McDowell, Andrew Shepherd, Ann Jay, Arthur Shaw, Darryl Lock, Eddie Taylor, Joanne Smith, Jo Hartley, Julie Cameron, Karen Silcock, Murray Ingram, Pip Rudhall, Richard Chan, Sarah Cobbum, Shane Clark, Simon Robertshaw, Ted Heslin, Toni Ringrose, Trevor Stanyon

Kathy Lloyd-Parker – Principal
Michelle Hughes – Principal – Primary


Meetings:  We have approximately 8 meetings a year.  All meetings are held in the staffroom on Monday evenings at 6.30pm and last approximately 90 minutes. (Reminders for the meeting times are in the weekly bulletin).

The next meetings are; Monday 25th September, Monday 16th October and Monday 27th November.


The Parents’ Association provides support by;

  • Providing food and refreshments at key events; Grandparents Day, Cultural Evening, House Music, Swimming Sports, Relay for Life, Dragon Boating, Parents’ Evenings, Open Days, Cross Country and Athletics Days.
  • Supporting student-led projects such as the raised herb garden and offering financial support for a student to attend Commonwealth Games.
  • Supporting the school production.
  • Providing financial support for school projects such as the primary outdoor proposal and musical instruments for the preschool.
  • Providing financial support for new uniforms for the Seraphim choir.
  • Organising the 2017 Golf Day.

For any further information or queries, please contact Sarah Cobbum or contact the school reception.