Chilton Saint James School expects all International Students to live in a homestay or with a family member. The School is happy to make these arrangements. The Homestay Manager will:

  • Interview prospective homestay families to ensure the family are suitable to host an International Student.
  • Advise students of their homestay family details.
  • Inspect homestay houses to ensure the accommodation is appropriate and satisfactory.
  • Provide homestay families with information on homestay expectations.
  • Monitor homestay families.
  • Hold briefing meetings for homestay families prior to the arrival of the International Student.
  • Ring or visit the homestay regularly during the year to check on progress.
  • Organise changeover arrangements if necessary.
  • Act as liaison between the School, International Student, Parents, homestay and guardian to act on the wishes of the student and her family.
  • Hold debriefing meetings at the end of each homestay.

Charges for homestays:

Homestay charges are NZ$300.00 per week (Accommodation, Laundry and Food)

The homestay charge does not cover toll calls or internet costs, postage for mail, costs for film or photograph developing, holiday costs or transport to and from School such as bus or train fares. If a special activity is undertaken with the homestay family the overseas student will pay their share of the costs.

The School should be advised if a homestay is NOT needed when the Enrolment Form is completed. Homestay families are close to the School and provide:

  • Student’s own private bedroom.
  • Three meals a day.
  • Transport when joining family excursions.
  • Help with homework.
  • Washing facilities.
  • Effective heating during winter months.
  • A caring family environment.
  • Students often have the opportunity to choose their preferred homestay.