Giovane Orchestra

The Giovane Orchestra is a School orchestra, open to girls who learn an instrument from Years 4 to 8. Run by Mrs Caryl Stannard, the Giovane Orchestra has ambitious performing schedule, playing at School concerts and events. The orchestra is a great chance for girls to develop their early experiences of making music together as a team.

Amadeus Orchestra

The Chilton Amadeus Orchestra, directed by Head of Music, Tom Chatterton, offers superb opportunities for girls at approximately Grade 4 or above playing standard (from Year 7). Students are introduced to a wide variety of repertoire, from classical orchestral music to contemporary film, musical theatre and popular themes. Amadeus builds students’ instrumental performing skills and confidence through a stimulating and supportive musical environment.

The profile of the orchestra has grown significantly in recent years. The Amadeus orchestra is one of the largest secondary school orchestras in the Wellington region.