Pinnacles Day Tramp

“I love this! It’s absolutely the best!” cried Imogen Waihape as we plodded through thick, squishy mud. “Why is that?” I asked. “Because we get to cross rivers, run our hands through blue clay, sink in mud, and see all this beautiful stuff!”.

Imogen was right. Our hike to the Pinnacles was absolutely marvellous. The weather was a little cool and now and then a fine curtain of rain came down between intervals of sunshine. The girls discovered beautiful clay on the banks of the river (I’m pretty sure we could have sold the stuff for a good price at a fancy spa!) and then learned how to cross a shallow river by studying the rocks and the current. After a short hike, we came upon the Pinnacles, New Zealand’s badlands filled with impressive hoodoos made of towers of sediment raised from the ocean’s floor. After marvelling at the sights, we climbed all the way up to the look-out and enjoyed lunch with a view. I believe the girls leaned about the pleasures of hiking in rain and mud! They were actually disappointed that we weren’t doing another river crossing before reaching the car park. Before heading back to Wellington, we gathered at the Lake Ferry Hotel and enjoyed some fish and chips. Another incredible day for the Primary School Outdoor Club!

Eva Blush
Year 4 Primary Teacher