Weekly Blog – Founders Day, Week 5

What an incredible day Tuesday turned out to be. Wedged in between two wet days, Chilton felt lucky to have such a fine day on Tuesday. The week before we had battled Gita and yet this week, the sun shone for our Founders Day celebration. The day started with a full school photograph outside of Fitzgerald House named after our Founder. The drone, used to take a range of photographs kept the preschoolers entertained for a considerable time. Complete with house banners and our beloved cross, the entire school formed the traditional ” crocodile” and led by the Head Girl Laura Wilson and Deputy Anna Wong, we marched to Saint James church for our celebratory service. What was amazing was seeing a sea of red blazers stretch for a block and the smiles on the faces of our girls – not to mention the motorists and onlookers.

At the service our Board Chair, Michelle Luping who is an old girl, spoke so poignantly about how over the years so many had contributed to founding the school that now boasts 100 wonderful years of fine education. We were joined by some of our oldest old girls which made the day even more special. The girls marched back with pride and on return all were given special celebratory badges donated by the Old Girls Association.

However, it didn’t stop there. The girls changed out of formal uniform into house colours and after lunch met on the back field. What followed was an afternoon of games – from 100 years ago – we had everything from croquet to marbles and knucklebones.It was a joy watching students from preschool to Year 13 all playing alongside each other. What did we hear most? Squeals of delight. We may be old but we are as vibrant as ever.

Kathy Lloyd-Parker