Weekly Blog – Middle School, Week 8

Welcome to Term 1 – it’s been a busy eight weeks! In true Chilton style we have all been busy from day 1 this term. Six 1 hour spells of academic application is a wake up call for everyone after a 6 week break, but our girls adapted quickly. The preparation for full school events such as Athletics Sports, Founders Day and Swimming Sports involves everyone to some degree and our Middle School girls show loyal house support. Well done, Stowe for your overall success for Athletics. Founders day saw the girls participating in some of the games played 100 years ago and the majority enjoyed the experience.

Our extracurricular clubs and sports are all up and running with keen participants. Language club and Tournament of Minds have had students engaged during lunchtimes and winter sports teams are now trialing. In Middle school assemblies we like to show case student talent and have been privileged to listen to a couple of ‘Little Mermaid’songs, a fabulous violin performance from Shanita Sungsuwan – Year 9 , a solo from Maria Gray – Year 8, and this week , a performance from the Middle school choir. These performances are a highlight in our assemblies.

Our Year 7 students enjoyed the opportunity to go out of the classroom for 3 days last month to get to know each other better in the outdoors. Sailing on Wellington harbour, learning water survival techniques at H2O Extreme in Upper Hutt and tenting overnight at Kaitoke provided some new experiences for all. Next time I am sure all will check that they have all the items on the gear list in their packs! This week the Year 7 students have done a great job as buddies for our Year 6 Primary school students as they spend a day in Middle school.

Excitement continues to grow as we are in the middle of performances of our production ‘ Little Mermaid” this week. We have some awesome talent in Middle School so I am sure it will be a great show. I am very proud of our students, who work conscientiously and represent us well.

A reminder that we have Parent Interviews on the 26th and 28th March.


Sue Colson
Head of Middle School