Weekly Blog, Week 2 – House Music

Last night we had the one of Chilton’s annual highlights: House Music.  As has become common place with the Chilton House Music Competition, we were treated to a spectacle of dance, drama, costume, singing, choreography and production.  This year the theme mirrored our overall 2018 Year 13 theme of ‘Girls for Girls’, an idea that is intended to focus on the benefits of girls’ education – particularly appropriate for our centenary year.  The level of dedication and hard work that the girls put into these productions was self-evidently astonishingly high, and somehow our guest judges, Kate Lineham and Jane Keller, managed to decide the overall winners of the House Music competition as follows:


1 Hansell
2 Benbow
3 equal Stowe and Lewis

Large Group:
1 Lewis
2 equal Stowe and Hansell
4 Benbow

Small Group:
1 Stowe
2 Benbow
3 Lewis
4 Hansell

Many congratulations to all the girls for participation in the event; but a particular congratulations must go to our Arts Captain, Holly Scotson for being the MC yesterday, and to all our  House Leaders for directing the houses so admirably.

A full list of the pieces performed in the House Music competition will be published in the Weekly Bulletin next week.

Tom Chatterton
Head of Music