Weekly Blog, Week 5 – Sports & Cross Country Update

Sports Results:

Congratulations to all the Year 4-8 students who challenged themselves to represent Chilton and took part in the South-West Zone Cross Country event at Sladden Park on May 31st. These girls raced against a very strong field competing against runners from 10 other schools.

Year 4: Tilly Smith, Carla Nguyen, Hebe Lin
Year 5: Isla O’Connor-Williams, Emily Allen,Maddi Shaw
Year 6: Kendra Boswell, Tayla Boswell, Alyssa Patel, Georgia Barrett-Dobson, Lucy Price, Nancy Li, Arabella Boaden-Trotter, Sophie Parker, Meg Jones, Emily Yang
Year 7: Rosa Blair, Mia Campbell, Lola Campbell
Year 8: Madeline Armstrong, Georgina Smith, Megan Richter, Jorja Hastings

Year 7 Winners


Special congratulations to the following girls who placed in the top 15 from each grade and have consequently, subject to confirmation, been selected to represent the Zone and take part in the Inter-Zone Cross-Country race at Trentham Memorial Park on June 19th.
Results from the Zone event are in brackets,

Year 4: Tilly Smith ( 1st place)
Year 5: Isla O’Connor-Williams ( 5th place) , Emily Allen (16th place reserve)
Year 6: Nancy Li ( 1st place) , Lucy Price ( 3rd place), Sophie Parker (6th place), Emily Yang (8th place), Alyssa Patel (9th place)
Year 7: Mia Campbell (1st place) , Lola Campbell (2nd place) Rosa Blair(3rd place)
Year 8: Madeline Armstrong(4th place) Georgina Smith (12th ) Jorja Hastings (13th )


Year 4 Winner, Tilly Smith


Winter Sports Teams and Sideline Behaviour

Many thanks to our parents, staff, student coaches and managers who volunteer to work with Chilton sports teams throughout the year.
The Sports Department appreciate their efforts and expect that they, and the players they stand alongside, receive a positive experience from engaging in sport.

In light of the recent case of umpire abuse that was reported in the press, it was good to hear Sport New Zealand CEO, Peter Miskimmin discuss, in a number of forums, the importance of positive sideline behaviour by adults and his reminder to parents and other supporters to be mindful of their behaviour on the sideline, as… it does matter. Data shows that youth engage in sport for fun, friendship and to develop skills. The messages they receive from their supporters on the sideline as they play (and on the car ride to and from the venues!) are integral to this enjoyment, or otherwise.

We ask that parents and supporters be vocal to an appropriate level, be positive, ask your child what they enjoyed about the game they just played and tell them why you enjoyed watching them. Sport NZ are asking those involved in youth sport not to de-prioritise winning but rather to re-prioritise enjoyment, participation and involvement.

Please read the article Good Sideline Behaviour as these messages go hand in hand with the sports policies and Codes of Conduct foundon Chilton Central.


Kind regards,

Alex Dennehy
Sports Coordinator