Weekly Blog, Week 9 – Library Week

Mrs Burr Arrested!! for the ‘Whodunnit!!’ mystery.

Week seven was library week with the theme of crime and mystery. Mrs Burr was processed at the Chilton Police Station. Thank you for the assistance of the students who helped apprehend the suspect. Activities were run throughout the week, with Treasure Hunts finding out the letters of a villan; URSALA for the primary school and VOLDEMORT for the middle/seniors. Picture Trivia quizzes were held for primary and middle/seniors, and Police sketch artists completing Wanted posters for teachers.

We had plenty of students fingerprinted and photographed in the police processing area at Chilton station.

There were very successful talks to the students by Constable Mark ‘Blue’ McCaffery on Tuesday, where students practiced their observational and memory skills (special thanks to Mrs Baker); and Children’s Picture Book author and illustrator Ruth Paul provided by Creative New Zealand and New Zealand Book Council’s ‘Writers in Schools” programme on Friday afternoon where Ruth and the students created a story plot and front cover.

A highlight of the week was FEAR FACTOR, where students placed their hand in a box, and tried to guess the name of some lovely feeling food – pickles, lychees, raisins in jelly and sardines. Friday was a dress up costume/ mufti day with some fantastic outfits. Pre-school visited the ‘Jail’ to listen to ‘Supertato – Run Veggies Run!” and “The Three Little Superpigs” read by Detective Constable Library Wong.

At lunchtime we held a costume fashion parade and announced the winners of the Fear Factor competition, and our Whodunnit!! Culprit and winners.

Fantastic Week! – Thank You All.

Jason Wong
Library Manager