Year 5 Overnight Camp

The Year 5 girls had a great time this week-end. 8 girls along with 3 dads hiked to Raukawa Hut, located in the Catchpool Valley (Remutaka Forest Park). Along the way, we spied a Kaka bird and marvelled at the towering Rata trees. Crossing the Orongorongo River was one of the many highlights for the girls – although they got their feet and legs wet, there were many giggles and exclamations of “When can we do it again!”. After the girls unpacked, they built some bivouacs (shelters).

Meanwhile Le Grand Chef Ken fixed pasta and garlic bread for the girls and later, some fantastic steaks for the grownups. Kurt and Donald worked hard at chopping wood, building a warm fire for the night and making sure the girls were well fed and safe. These dads were legends! The next morning, we woke up and were all pretty cold so we quickly ate breakfast, heaved our packs onto our shoulders and headed back across the river. The girls enjoyed creating art using natural materials they found along the riverbank and after that we headed home.

I was very impressed with the girls: they showed enthusiasm, cooperation, care and a lot of resilience. Carrying a heavy pack for 2 1/2 hours is a mighty feat for any 9 year old. Our girls did this without complaining. Well done girls!

Eva Blush
Year 4 Teacher