Sports Physiotherapy Consent Form

Schools Consent Form(word document)

According to the World Health Organisation, engaging in physical activity through play, games, and sport gives young people natural opportunities to express themselves, develop self-confidence, relieve tension, achieve success, and interact with others as well as learning about the spirit of solidarity and fair play (World Health Organization, 2003b). Team games and play foster students’ development of social skills and provide opportunities for them to learn group membership and leadership skills, attitudes, and behaviours. Physical activity can build students’ character because it provides opportunities to develop values such as dedication, honesty, courage, and fairness.  From Sport NZ website.

At Chilton we acknowledge the importance of providing every student with opportunities to engage in a wide variety of sports throughout their schooling and we realise the benefits, as outlined above, that can come from playing sport for school and with their peers.

Our goal here at Chilton is that your daughter, because of the early positive experiences we provide, will choose to be physically active throughout her years at Chilton and beyond.The sports programme  has something for everyone from the novice learner to the most skilled. It is varied, inclusive and supportive.

Opportunities at Chilton:

  • Early years : Starts with an emphasis on Participation where students are encouraged to try a variety of sports in their early years. This will build the foundations of physical literacy and sports skills and give them the confidence and competence to see themselves as sportsplayers of the future.
  • Middle Years: This next step focuses on developing and strengthening movement and sports skills together with mental capabilities. The student will be exposed to a wide range of sports, early specialisation is discouraged.
  • Senior Years: Opportunities are provided for students to choose to engage in social sport or to follow a more competitive pathway. Excellence, striving to be the best you can be at everything you do, underpins this stage.