Preschool Music Centre

Chilton Preschool Music Centre provides an opportunity for children to develop their confidence, creativity and musicality in our specialist music facilities.

The Chilton Pre-School Music Centre will open up opportunities for children and their caregivers in the Wellington region to access a specialist and progressive music curriculum that is fun, creative and engaging. It is designed to maximise musical potential and talent and is a wonderful first step into the world of music. Our vision is to provide an unrivalled musical education for children through a play-based learning environment, that equips them with the skills to become life-long learners who have a love of music.  Our preschool graduate musicians will be able to recognise and interpret basic musical notation, will have experienced playing many different orchestral instruments, developed confidence as singers and performers and the creativity that comes from composition and improvisation. We would love for you and your child to join us on this adventure!

Music education undoubtedly has a huge impact on the development of language, speech, attention, memory, and expressing emotions in young children. We have designed our own progressive curriculum that is taught by music specialists, and cultivates an early love of making music.  Details are listed below of our four classes which are designed for children of different ages.


Suitable for children age 1 – 2

The Piccolo class is designed for children aged 12-24 months and offers an introduction to the world of benefits that music has to offer you and your child. It has been proven that musical training has a large impact on the development of the brain, especially language, speech, attention, memory and the ability to express emotions verbally. In the Piccolo class we will explore different music and sounds from around the world, sing, play instruments, work with puppets and encourage a lot of dance and movement to learn to feel pulse and expression with our bodies. Each lesson will provide a combination of action, listening and playing developing all-round musicianship in young children from an early age.

Mini Maraccas

Suitable for children age 2 – 3

The Mini Minims class is designed for children aged 2-3 years of age and begins to develop confidence and creativity in our youngest musicians and performers of the future. It has been proven that musical training has a large impact on the development of the brain, especially language, speech, attention, memory and the ability to express emotions verbally. The Mini Minims class begins to action these ideas as they begin to express themselves as individuals and sharing their thoughts and opinions about sound and how it is made. The children will participate in lots of dance and movement games designed to build an awareness of pulse and different rhythmic patterns and values and continue to develop an awareness of pitch and melody through singing and playing instruments. The Mini Minims will also have the opportunity to meet different instruments of the orchestra!

Treble Trumpets

Suitable for children age 3 – 4

The Treble Trumpets class is designed for children aged 3-4 years and aims to develop skills and attitudes that equip children to become successful, life-long learners in all subjects, as well as cultivating a love of music and performance. The Treble Trumpet programme integrates, song, dance, instrumental playing and role-play through puppets and dress-ups with the introduction of basic music reading and interpretation skills. The children will have the opportunity to play and listen to a wide variety of orchestral instruments during class thinking about how sound it made and listening to lots of different styles of music. During the year, some of the Treble Trumpet children begin to learn an instrument one-on-one outside of class with one of our affiliated Suzuki teachers who specialise in working with talented preschool musicians.


Suitable for children age 4 – 5

The Fortissimo group of fabulous four-year-olds is the culmination of the Chilton Music School’s Pre-School programme. The focus of the Fortissimo group is one of fun, creativity and excitement with lots of energetic movement and dance activities alongside regular instrumental playing. In the Fortissimo group we begin to develop the value of music as a learning tool in preparation for starting school. The Fortissimos build strong aural memory and mathematical skills as they learn to listen to, process and imitate longer patterns and sequences on percussion instruments. Through reflective listening tasks, they develop emotive language and ability to interpret and respond to emotional stimuli. Regular class performance activities continue to build confidence in our musicians as they get ready to take on the world.



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