Education outside the Classroom (EOTC) is part of our health and personal development curriculum.

378It is vital in developing students’ leadership skills as well as increasing the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.  During EOTC programmes, there is a focus on developing personal resilience achieved through students taking responsibility for themselves. As well as developing positive and respectful relationships with their peers, their teachers and the environment.

Primary EOTC

2017 Dates: Monday 27th February – Friday 3rd March

Years 1 and 2

Activities: A series of day trips to various Wellington locations within School hours.

Years 3 and 4

Activities: A series of day trips to various Wellington locations, plus a school sleep over to develop independence, resilience and risk taking.

Years 5 and 6

A two-night, three-day out of school experience designed to challenge the girls and to develop resilience, risk taking, and independence. Venues are alternated each year between Tatum Park and El Rancho.