Primary School Curriculum

Numeracy, Literacy and Inquiry are the cornerstones of the Curriculum at Chilton. We differentiate our programmes to ensure that they are tailored to suit the changing needs of our students, as well as providing opportunities to extend and support specific learning areas.

Our Curriculum is concept  driven, enabling our students to become reflective thinkers and inquirers. By making connections between existing knowledge  and new learning, our students explore content that is engaging, relevant, challenging and significant. The inclusion of iPads from Year 1, and bring your own device Your Own Device (BYOD) from Year 4 ensures that digital technologies are integrated across the curriculum.


Inquiry begins with exploring a big idea and ends with enduring understandings. Students begin to ask questions enthusiastically, and then transition in to inquiring in to issues, problems or ideas. Inquiry involves asking questions, gathering and analysing information, generating solutions, making decisions, justifying conclusions and taking action.

747Our Literacy Programme provides our students with opportunities to become increasingly skilled and sophisticated speakers and listeners, readers and writers, and presenters and viewers. Through engaging with increasingly complex texts in a variety of forms, our students learn to think critically, question, reflect and make judgements.

In Numeracy our students explore patterns and relationships by using symbols, graphs and diagrams. By estimating, calculating and solving problems our students learn to investigate, interpret, explain and make sense of the world.

Students have class teachers who teach the core areas of Literacy, Numeracy and Inquiry and specialist teachers who deliver the French, Dance, Physical Education and Music. We recognise that learning with specialist teachers ensures our girls are introduced to each discipline by practitioners, who have a real passion for and expertise in their subject areas.