Pastoral Care

The Pastoral Care programme in the Primary School focuses on nurturing resilience, confidence and leadership. Students are encouraged to reflect on behaviour, understanding consequences, building relationships and making connections. Resilient students can accept responsibility, set goals and make good decisions. They have a positive self-identity, self-discipline, a sense of purpose and belief.

Chilton Saint James School believes that young people are more likely to develop resiliency in an environment where there are caring relationships, a sense of compassion and understanding, where there are high expectation messages, firm guidance, structure and challenge and where there are opportunities for meaningful participation and contribution.

Classroom teachers have a special opportunity to develop rapport with their students. Students look to their classroom teachers first for guidance and support.

We have an open-door policy in communication with parents ensuring that both parents and our Primary School staff remain in touch with the needs of the students.

Parents can contact their child’s classroom teacher in the first instance if they have a concern or wish to pass on information concerning their child’s welfare. Classroom teachers may be contacted through a message in their child’s diary, via email or through Reception.

The Head of Primary School, Michelle Hughes, has overall responsibility for the pastoral care provided to all Primary School students, and can be contacted through Reception or via email.

Chilton Saint James School Reception: +64 4 566 4089

Michelle Hughes
Head of Primary School