Notice: Term Break Office Hours are 9am – 3pm from 10 July to 28 July.


The Christian values of respect and compassion are the basis of the School’s service programme. There are three programmes that operate throughout the Year; the Year Group Term by Term activities, the School Council and the Service Captain Initiatives.  

All year groups are involved in service on a voluntary basis. Year groups combine to lead a service project of their choice, over the four terms. During Term One, Year 13 works with Years 6 and 7; in Term Two Year 12 works with Years 8 and 5; in Term Three Year 11 works with Years 9 and 4 and in Term Four Year 10 works with Years 1 ‒ 3.

The Year group initiatives are student driven with a committee deciding on the service to support and the activity that would best enable all students in a year group to volunteer to play their part. Activities may include collecting for SPCA or the Cancer Society; reading and playing games with younger students; planting daffodils in preparation to support cancer awareness week; or visits to give gifts or entertain, at old age homes or at centres for people in our community that receive professional support.