School Prayer and Hymn

School Prayer

Father, we hold before you now in prayer
our life together in this School.
Help us to give to it of our best and to receive in turn the
best it has to give.
Teach us to know the demands of truth,
The joys of discovery,
The warmth of friendship
And the satisfaction of attempting and achieving the very
best in whatever we do.
Open for us, week by week, new windows on our world. Increase our understanding of ourselves and others.
At Chilton Saint James School,
may teachers and taught alike seek first your Kingdom, for the good of this School and the glory of your Name; through Jesus Christ our Lord.

School Hymn

O Holy Father, grant by all we do that we may own
That no one lives or works or builds unto herself alone;
As those who came before us breathed the words we learn to say, So will more take up tomorrow the work we do today.
The task remains, while we who come fulfil our day and pass,
As shadow falls on shadow with the turning of Thy glass;
Let others take the burden up when we ourselves are gone,
Though we see not the Promised Land, the Ark still journeys on.
Then grant us, Lord, that day by day, we build so fair and straight, Our work may stand to its high purpose sternly dedicate;
For well we know it is not timber, plane nor saw nor rule,
But the spirit of its people that shall build and keep a school.
Then grant to us, Thy children, that for Thy work we raise
A school whose floor is earnest prayer, whose walls and roof are praise Whose keystone o’er the entrance bears the Master’s own impress, Whose corridors are laughter and whose windows happiness.
And o’er that inner holy shrine that we would raise to Thee,
Be carved the six emblazoned words that guard Thy sanctuary;
That by the steps Obedience, and Courage, we may rise
Through Fellowship and Service to the Cross of Sacrifice.