Secondary School

The Chilton Saint James Secondary School provides opportunities for girls in Years 7 – 13 to realise their full potential by providing students with the necessary skills, knowledge and ability to think creatively so they can become curious learners and effective leaders.

Inspiring creativity in every endeavour

Our aim at Chilton Saint James School is to give every student a broad, well-balanced education which is commensurate with her ability, reflects the essential learning areas and skills and provides a foundation for students to continue their education beyond school.

In the initial years of the Chilton secondary curriculum, we believe that it is important that students undertake an educational programme that is both broad and well balanced. There is a strong focus on the continuing development of literacy and numeracy skills in a range of core subjects, as well as subjects that allow students to experience breadth and diversity. Future elective subject choices can then be made more wisely based on these experiences, and taking into consideration their strengths, interests and preferences.