About Years 7 to 13

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Our Senior School includes Year 7 – 13. The Middle School was launched in Term 1 of 2017 and comprises of Years 7 – 10, with Years 11 – 13 making up our Senior School.

Our aim at Chilton is to give all students a broad, well-balanced education. Future students work towards Cambridge International Examinations and New Zealand Scholarship qualifications with extension opportunities available for university study in some subjects.

2018 Years 7-11 Subject Options

Academic Pathway for 2018   
Year 7 to 8Year 9Year 10Year 11
All essential learning areas are covered to create a broad and balanced curriculum. These are: All Year 9 students will have a set of core subjects and then option choicesAll Year 10 students will have the opportunity to sit the Cambridge International Examinations in the following subjects:All Year 11 students will sit the Cambridge International Examinations IGCSE in the following subjects
All students must complete:All students must complete:
·    EnglishEnglish·    English Language ·    English
·    MathematicsMathematics·    Core/Extended Mathematics·    Mathematics – Core or Extended
·    ScienceScience·    Combined ScienceStudents also do the following Core subjects:
·    Social SciencesSocial Science·    Development Studies·    Health
·    ArtHealth·    Physical Education across Year 10 and 11
·    DancePhysical EducationAlso core subjects of:Students then select three options from:
·    Health Religious Education·    Health·    Art and Design
·    Music·    Religious Education·    Biology
·    Physical EducationPlus a choice of 3 options of:·    Business Studies
·    TechnologyArtPlus three options of:·    Chemistry
·    FrenchChinese·    Art·    Chinese
·    ChineseFrench·    Business Studies·    Food and Nutrition
·    Te ReoFood and Technology/Materials Technology·    Chinese·    French
·    Materials TechnologyLearning Support·    Food and Nutrition·    Geography
·    Food TechnologyMusic·    Learning Support·    History
Theatre Arts·    French·    Music
·    Music·    Physics
·    Theatre Arts·    Physical Education

In years 7 – 11 Learning Skills programmes are offered to selected students to focus on improving literacy, numeracy skills, as well as study skills.

Students in the CIE system will find lots of flexibility and every timetable is catered to the individual needs of the student.

With continued student growth additional subjects will be offered in future years.

In Year 12 many more subjects are offered. Refer to our IGCSE Option booklet for more details.