School Leadership

The goal of the School Leadership Programme is to develop a diverse range of empowered young women with an in-depth understanding of leadership. The programme creates individuals with an appreciation of what leadership means to them and what kind of leader they are or would like to be. Finally, when students leave Chilton they understand how to lead and how to contribute as part of a team. They are equipped with the skills and the tools to make their impact on the world.

Opportunities to attend locally run leadership programmes are a feature of the programme


Years 11 – 13

Girls move from being part of the Council in Middle School into their Year 11 programme. This is a challenging year where academically they meet Cambridge examinations. At this time, girls are encouraged to choose their subjects and extra-curricular involvement carefully in order to gain balance.

Years 11 and 12 are in small Tutor Groups where part of the Term 1 programme they are supplied with the information about becoming a school leader in Year 13. Alongside of their Tutor Teacher, they look closely at the roles and then plan how they work in order to gain the experience to do justice to such a role.

During the Year 12 year, girls are provided with two specific opportunities to experience leadership. One is through the planning of Mental Health week in the School and the other is where they plan and work with the Primary School for House Music. These two roles are vastly different but excellent experience.

The School has always given thousands of hours to helping others and this experience goes a long way to showing the commitment of the girls. Year 12 students also gain an opportunity at the end of the year to do outdoor pursuits for a week and in this time, every girl has the opportunity to lead their group.


Throughout the year, girls are encouraged to let the school know of anything they are taking part in both in school and out. This helps to form a picture of service.

In the third term of the year, Year 12 students are invited to apply for Council roles. This is a detailed process where every girl gains the opportunity to shine. It is not about popularity or being the most outgoing. It is about the quality of the girl and her dedication to the School and its values. Girls apply formally and supply:

  • A full Curriculum Vitae
  • A letter of interest
  • Copies of their reports from Year 11 and 12.

All girls are interviewed and take part in a group activity. Those who wish to be Head Girl or Deputy Head Girl also take part in a special activity. These roles are very important to the School as they essentially lead the following year. However, inherent in these roles is the expectation that they will include all Year 13 students and give them the opportunity to part of their work. Each member of the Year 13 cohort identifies a Council committee that they will support.

In Year 13 there are unique challenges faced by not only the School Council but the entire year group. The purpose of the leadership programme at this stage is to prepare these students for these challenges. The year begins with a full day leadership programme focusing on the acceleration of leadership awareness and developing a personal philosophy for leadership. This theme is re-addressed later in the first Term and provides the backdrop for all programmes supporting Year 13 to unveil their leadership potential. Not every girl is a leader and some are valued supporters of leadership. Everyone’s role is recognised.

Outside of School Council, Secondary students have the opportunity to take on or be appointed to such roles as: School Patrol Captain, Library Captain, Civil Defence Captain, Choral Captain, Orchestra Leader, Kapa Haka Captain, Captain of Sports Teams, Members of the Ball Committee.

Alongside of in-school activities re leadership, girls attend a number of leadership days where many school take part. The Year 13 students also have a series of in-school lectures where they meet capable women from all walks of life and these are an inspiration to all.