Pastoral Care

The ability to cope, to understand and bounce back from some of life’s challenging and difficult experiences underpins all programmes related to the overall care and education of Chilton students. The pastoral care programme at Chilton focuses on nurturing resilience, guiding students to reflect on behaviour, understanding consequences, building relationships and making connections. Resilient students show social competence: they have a positive self-identity, self-discipline, a sense of purpose and belief in a bright future with the ability to make sound decisions and set goals.

Chilton believes that young people are more likely to develop resilience in an environment where there are caring relationships, a sense of compassion and understanding, high expectations, firm guidance, structure and challenge. Ultimately – where there are opportunities for meaningful participation and contribution. To achieve this positive environment, our students are given the opportunity to hold responsibilities, to make decisions, and to relate to adults who believe in their capability and capacity.

The pastoral care system at Chilton works on a number of levels. Students, parents and staff have access to various staff responsible for the guidance and welfare of students.