Sports at Chilton

There is a strong sporting tradition at Chilton, with most girls from years 3 – 13 participating in one or more sports in addition to the core Physical Education programme. With over 75 teams across summer and winter sports, there really is something for everyone.


Team games and play foster students’ development of social skills and provide opportunities for them to learn group membership and leadership skills, attitudes, and behaviours. Physical activity can build students’ character because it provides opportunities to develop values such as dedication, honesty, courage, and fairness. [SPORT NZ]

At Chilton we acknowledge the importance of providing every student with opportunities to engage in a wide variety of sports throughout their schooling and we realise the benefits, as outlined above, that can come from playing sport for school and with their peers.

Click to view the Sports Handbook 2019

Information on each sport can be found on Chilton Central. This information enables students and parents to understand the time and financial commitments involved in pursuing their Sports choices.

All Term 1-3 sports Registration Forms and intentions of interest for the role of Coach and Manager should be completed and submitted by Friday February 1st .

Note: Students register for Term One, Two and Three sports at the same time. Registrations for term 4 sports will be asked for towards the end of term 3.