There is a strong sporting tradition at Chilton, with most girls from years 3 – 13 participating in one or more sports in addition to the core Physical Education programme. With over 75 teams across summer and winter sports, there really is something for everyone.

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Students are required to register for all of their extra-curricular Sports activities. Sports Registrations will be completed online using Chilton Central.

All Term 1-3 sports Registration Forms and intentions of interest for the role of Coach and Manager should be completed and submitted by Friday February 1st .

Note: Students register for Term One, Two and Three sports at the same time. Registrations for term 4 sports will be asked for towards the end of term 3.

Information on each sport can be found on Chilton Central. This information enables students and parents to understand the time and financial commitments involved in pursuing their Sports choices.

Please remember that by registering your daughter for a sport she has agreed to make a full commitment to the team for the duration of the season. There is an expectation that she attends all practices and games unless exceptional circumstances prevent her from doing so e.g. illness or injury.

If she is selected into more than one Senior 1st team that attends Tournament Week (September 2nd- 6th 2019) she will be asked at the time of registration to choose the sport she will commit to for Winter tournament week.

Sports Personnel

Staff contacts for all Sport at the School are:

  • Ms Arlene Hewitt & Ms Julie Cameron, Co-Directors of Sport: overall responsibility for Sport throughout the school.
  • Ms Alex Dennehy, Sports Co-ordinator: assists with sport throughout the school with particular responsibility for Year 1-6 sport.

Arlene Hewitt/ Julie Cameron
DDI 570 4039

Alex Dennehy
DDI 570 4039


Sports Philosophy

The Sports Department’s philosophy for participation in sport at the various ages is as follows:


Primary School (Years 1 – 6)

Students at Primary School level are encouraged to participate in a wide variety of sporting activities. The emphasis is on developing skills and gaining enjoyment from engaging in sport. A FUN, supportive environment will be the expectation for all players. Parents and coaches will also be expected to provide positive feedback and encouragement at all times. The majority of the Primary School teams are of mixed ability. All students, regardless of their ability, will be given an opportunity to participate in practices and will receive equal game time over a season.  Extension of students is given in inter-school fixtures where teams will be selected on the basis of their ability e.g. Year 4-6 Zone Athletics, Cross-Country & Swimming.


Middle School (Years 7 – 10)

Students at Junior Secondary level are encouraged to participate in a wide variety of sports. Teams are selected based on ability and full commitment to both practices and games throughout the season is expected. Families are asked to carefully consider all other commitments within the School and activities outside School when planning for the year ahead.


Senior Secondary School (Years 11 – 13)

Students at Senior Secondary level are encouraged to consider their sporting choices alongside their Academic and Arts commitments, representative commitments and leadership responsibilities. For some, this is the time to make some considered choices and to be realistic in their ability to commit to sports teams.  Members of the School First teams may be required to commit to more than one practice per week plus matches. There is an expectation that members of top teams will also be available to travel to tournament. Summer tournament dates FOR 2019 are 25th -29th March and Winter tournament dates are September 2nd -6th