Career Planning

At Chilton Saint James School we want students to be passionate about their future and partake in further courses of study and work placements that truly interest them. We believe this is the recipe for a satisfying future and a rewarding career.

Here at Chilton we aim to inspire creativity in every endeavour and believe this philosophy will set our girls apart and on the right path to a successful and meaningful career whether in New Zealand or internationally.

We offer a comprehensive Careers Education Programme from Years 7 to 13 as part of our Health Education Programme. We have a well-resourced Careers Library – which is always open for student and parent use. In addition to the services provided by the Careers Advisor, senior students have an individual interview with a senior staff member as they make course selections to ensure that their proposed programme is an appropriate match for their background, interests and possible future direction.

Careers Department

The Careers department at Chilton is headed by experienced Careers Advisor Janie Tito. The role of the department is to provide an important advisory role for students as well as encouraging students to fully utilise the wide range of technology and resources available to help guide in their career choice decisions.

The  provides a hub of information which sits comfortably alongside an extensive library of information about the huge variety of study, job and career options available. The Careers department offers a great source for students and their families alike. Parents and families are welcome to make appointments to discuss tertiary course options.

The Chilton Careers Hub details calendar dates and relevant information such as university open days, industry and military visits and other opportunities open to students to aid their career decisions. The first round of introductory university talks for Year 13 students begin in Term One. Victoria University, Canterbury University and Auckland University are booked to present during Citizenship classes. All Year 13 students attend these talks. Other universities will be booked as they make contact with the Careers Department.

The Careers Advisor is also available for former Chilton students who come back to change their course preference, to discuss and gain advice or a new or changing career path or for a host of other reasons. We know how important the future is and making informed choices – the Careers department is here to help!


Lauren Burr or Kelsey Mason – Careers Advisors

Phone: (04) 566 4089 ext. 7900


Chilton Careers Hub

Useful Resources

An excellent online resource for Senior School students (and parents) looking at their next study, career or job steps. This website provides all information in one place, from unique experiences, volunteering abroad, career advice and a comprehensive list of learning institutions.

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