Tuck Shop

Choose from a wide selection of fresh home made snacks and meals at our onsite Tuckshop.

Open during term time from 8.30am – 2.00pm the Tuck Shop order forms are available online for your convenience. Pre-orders must be put in before 10.00am.

The Chilton Tuck Shop will be offering healthier options as part of the School’s new Food and Nutrition Policy. Please check this page regularly as the menus are expected to change throughout the Term.

The tuckshop is under new management in 2019, and students can expect to see an exciting array of new healthy foods and drink for the year.

Term 2 Menu, 2019:

Tuck Shop Menu April 2019

The extensive menu offers a healthy nutritionist approved selection of food and drink with reduced fat and salt as well as vegetarian, dairy and gluten free options.

Primary Students

Please write your name, class, order and total value on the outside of an envelope, place the money inside the envelope and put in the collection basket provided.
Lunch orders will be picked up by the class.

Secondary Students

Visit the tuck shop and place your order at morning tea on the same day.