Old Girls

“With the School and for the School - Possumus”

Chilton Saint James School – Celebrating 100 Years in 2018

Centenary Weekend 26, 27, 28 October 2018

Welcome to the Chilton Saint James School Old Girls’ Association.

We are a network of former students of Chilton Saint James School, Lower Hutt, New Zealand. We live and work in many diverse and stimulating environments, professions and areas of employment throughout New Zealand and around the world.

We have come a long way since the Old Girls first formed an Association in 1930.  Miss FitzGerald suggested its motto “With the School and for the School – Possumus” which was used for many years. Chilton House Old Girls had formed an Association in 1925, and the Chilton Old Girls’ Association of today is an amalgamation of both groups of Old Girls.


2018 Old Girls Committee

PATRON – Kathy Lloyd-Parker (Principal)

PRESIDENT – Sarah Harvey (Cox) PY 1981


Kate Chapman (Taylor) PY 1990

Amber Walters PY 1991

Iona Manning (Finlayson) PY 1991

Merran Hamilton (Taylor) PY 1993

Anthea Fitzsimons (Holey) PY 1994

Jordan Shearer PY 2004




Our vision is to bring Old Girls together on a regular basis and to provide ongoing support to the School through our scholarship and many other contributions.

The Chilton Old Girls’ Association (COGA) is actively involved in supporting current school life a number of ways:

  • COGA Scholarship: Each year we award a scholarship to a Year 12 student to attend the Spirit of Adventure 10 day Development Voyage.
  • School Events: We support school events such as the Chilton Golf Day, The Chilton Style Event, afternoon tea with the Principal and the Centenary Celebrations.
  • Inspiration Booklet: Each year we gift each Year 13 school leaver with an inspirational booklet: Words of Wisdom for Chilton Saint James School Leavers.
  • School Bibles: COGA pays for half of the leavers’ bibles each year.
  • Primary School Speech Competition: COGA help with judging of the Primary School Speech Competition each year and provide the badges for the winners of the competition.
  • Membership Database: We help to keep the school’s alumnae database up to date.
  • Books: Each year we give books to the school library.

We love hearing from our alumnae and need your contact details!

Have you been out of touch with Chilton for a while? Perhaps the information we have for you is out of date? We want to know where you are and hear all your news!

We are working to ensure we are in touch with as many of the Chilton community as possible. Please take a minute to fill in the online form below and get your former classmates to do the same.

You can also email us at coga@chilton.school.nz, post the details to us at 124 Waterloo Road, Lower Hutt or phone School Reception on (04) 566 4089.

We very much look forward to hearing from you!

Update Your Details

In 2016 COGA received a very generous gift of $50,000 from the estate of Chilton Old Girl, Mrs Majorie Paterson (Heaps 1928 - 1937). With the School’s Centenary and future as our focus, we wanted Mrs Paterson’s gift treasured and honoured. We researched how best to protect and preserve its value and to ensure that her gift to us continues to give back to the School for perpetuity.

In our centenary year, the Chilton Old Girls’ Association Endowment Fund was established. The fund gives the Chilton community a bequest or donation option whereby their contribution is retained forever. The Nikau Foundation is a charitable trust which will manage the Endowment Fund for us.   

All donations are invested and every year the income earned from this fund will be used for the general purpose of supporting the School and specifically for:

  • improving student outcomes and opportunities
  • grants to improve equity for disadvantaged students and reduce barriers for participation in a full school life
  • improving school facilities

If you would like to help us to deliver these outcomes to Chilton, for perpetuity,  we would warmly welcome you to contact us or the Nikau Foundation for more information.

Donate Now:

All charitable donations are tax deductible and you can donate directly to our Endowment fund through the Nikau Foundation website: www.nikaufoundation.org.nz/donations/donate-to-the-chilton-old-girls-association-endowment-fund/

Nikau Foundation:

Phone: 04 381 2224

Email: info@nikaufoundation.org.nz


Chilton Old Girls’ Association:

Email: coga@chilton.school.nz