Chilton Gala Concert 2018

On Thursday 27th September we had the highlight of our musical year: the Gala Concert at St James’ Church. This annual occasion is a wonderful evening that celebrates music-making at Chilton. There were outstanding performances by the Amadeus Orchestra, Vivace Choir, Middle School Choir and Seraphim Choir; the concert culminated in a magnificent and rousing combined item.

This year was a particularly special occasion as the Amadeus Orchestra performed two pieces with solo students: Czárdás by Vittorio Monti, played on the violin by Year 9 student Shanita Sungsuwan; and Piano Concertino No 2 by Anthony Ritchie, played by Yuwei Shen (Year 13). The Piano Concertino was a commission by the Chilton Saint James Parents’ Association as part of the Centenary celebrations and it was truly a wonderful experience to learn and perform this fantastic work. We will be performing it again in the presence of the composer at the Centenary Dinner on Saturday 27th October.

Selected extracts of the concert have been recorded and are accessible to listen to here.

Many thanks to all the girls for their fantastic performances at the Gala Concert – it was such a special evening and an excellent demonstration of the high standard of musicianship among the girls at Chilton.

Tom Chatterton
Head of Music